Sunday, March 8, 2009


OK, I'm offically panicked and regretting all mature and healthy things said in previous blog!


  1. NEVER regret mature talk! You can do this. I'm so talking to myself right now too. We can do this. It totally sucks to be alone, but it sucks way more to be with the wrong person. Re-read your last blog and be inspired by yourself. I'm also going to re-read it and get some inspiration myself.

  2. Thanks Chris. Will try.
    Wondering if Christianity is supposed to be this hard or am I doing it wrng?

  3. I love your honesty Holly. Know that God loves us, He'll never let us go, He is all we need. The Christian walk is not one of ease but of dedication. God knows we aren't perfect, that is why He had to die. His love is truly amazing! Please please listen to this song:

  4. PTL for CCLI:

    Verse 1
    When you're alone
    And your heart is torn
    He is all you need
    When you're confused
    Your soul is bruised
    He's all you need
    He's the Rock of your soul
    He's the Anchor that holds
    Through your desperate time
    When your way is unsure
    His love will endure
    And peace you will find
    Through all your years
    The joy the tears
    He is all you need

    Verse 2
    When you give in
    To some familiar sin
    He is all you need
    Guilt has you paralyzed
    It slowly eats you alive
    He is all you need
    He'll be faithful to you
    Though your heart is untrue
    And your love's grown cold
    His forgiveness is real
    It'll comfort and heal
    Your sin-weary soul
    Through all your years
    The joy the tears
    He is all you need

    God loves you so
    He'll never let you go
    He is all you need