Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A love story.

Last night I went to see A Young Victoria, an independent film about Queen Victoria of England. Her life is seen as rather dull, particularly for English royalty, but the film makers did a good job of creating a compelling story about her life around the time of her coronation. Basically it is a simple, well told love story about her and her husband Albert. Not over the top or trashy, but sweet and sincere. There were definitely moments when I was a bit sad seeing their joy at my own single-hood.

But the funniest thing happened on the way home. As I was driving I felt a longing for my love, a longing for Jesus. I wanted to hurry home and read my bible, to spend time with God. It was the same emotional response as when I have a fella. I have never associated those emotions with my relationship with God and I think that's some good old fashioned growth, don't you?

Check it out. If only for the costumes!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate politics.

No, I REALLY %$&#ing hate them. I hate how perfectly reasonable people become so stubborn and refuse to even acknowledge that the other side isn't somehow the anti-Christ. I hate how Christians often slip from being brothers and sisters in Christ to being angry supporters of a political cause or party. But the thing I hate the most is feeling like other Christians think I am some how less of a believer in Jesus if I don't feel compelled to get mad about their selected political causes. Some people even insinuate I'm not a Believer at all because I don't get angry about abortion.

I DO NOT CARE WHICH PARTY IS RIGHT, much to the chagrin of my politically liberal family and conservative friends. I don't believe I should be affiliated with any political party. My affiliation is with Christ alone. And I don't think He gives a rat's patootie about health care reform, or gun laws, or salmon fisheries, or how the US defines marriage, or global warming, or World Fill In the Blank Day. He cares about people. Are the people Christ cares about affected by these issues? Of course. But Jesus made it pretty clear that He cares more about people's eternal souls than the temporary suffering of this world. And all of that shit is temporary-thank You God!

I firmly believe that politics is a tool to divide people. And when Christians allow their politics to overshadow their faith, I believe they are playing into the hands of Satan, who uses this to drive a further wedge between people. Wedges that go a long way to prevent non-Christians from seeing the good of Christians. Because they see us as getting irate about political causes but not about them and their needs. Needs such as having someone love them, walk along side them in their struggles, and let them see how Christ helps us when we struggle. (i.e. LETTING THEM SEE HOW MUCH GOD LOVES THEM!!!)

If you've known me long then you probably know that I used to love politics. Poli Sci was my major in college for some time and countless hours were spent arguing the finer points of policy and this NGO over that NGO. But as I grow closer to God I grow to depend on Him, not some temporary political system that has always been faulty and always will be.

There will be no need for politics in heaven, and I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gratefulness embellished

Feeling even more grateful today so I thought I'd make a list. In no particular order...

~ Yarn shops, like Cast Away in Santa Rosa which I feel in love with this morning.

~ Yarn shop dogs named Olive.

~ That my niece says "I chomped it!" to mean a variety of things.

~ Late Winter: when soft colors start to return and the hills here are green and the grape vines are dark brown and look amazing in the mustard fields. Makes me want to be Beatrix Potter.

~ Dance music: espcially David Crowder band. Love dancing to him in my car with my nieces, with at least one hand on the wheel.

~ Good friendsies.

~ Reading blogs by creative peeps who knit and tell me all about it. There is no end of them and I can't keep up!

~ The way jeans feel after not washing them for a week-perfect!

~ My bright pink cons that I got on clearance at Target for five bucks because I have small feet.

~ Imagining what Heaven will be like and the places I'll get to hike! Mossy, tree covered streams that smell like flowers. Can't wait.

~ Reading bible stories with my niece Amelia before she naps and telling her how much Christ loves her and then praying over her.

~ Singing worship songs with my niece Maureen before she naps and how she tries to sing along and when she hears me say the name of Jesus she shouts YE SHUSH! And how she puts her hands together in front of her huge grin when I pray for her before I put her down.

~ Sweaters.

~ Oh and.... for the Ovis aries-the common sheep! Not so common! Grateful for their wool: warm and fluffy and spun into pretty colors of rovering and yarn and pretty such things. And grateful for the shops they put the yarn in and the pretty things we can make from it. Oh, and lamb stew ain't bad either.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Feelin' Grateful

It's pretty hard to focus on my walk with Christ in the midst of the hubbub. And there's been plenty of hubbub lately!. But right now all is quiet; nieces are sleeping, house is cleaned up for the parents to come home, and even have a craft project drying on the table. On maybe four hours sleep mind you-I'm a rock star nanny today!

Despite the hubbub, I have managed (so far, God willing!)to read scripture everyday since January 7th. So what, I was a little late getting started? But I am pleased to say I have been keeping it up even when slogging it out in Leviticus. I think it has helped me be more mindful of God in small moments. When I could growl about and complain, instead I remember that He is actually capable of changing my mood even if the situation remains the same. And so I choose more often to submit, even if I'm sleep deprived or feeling taken a bit for granted, to His will and be Christ to the people around me-as much as I can!

Another spiritual growth spurt worth noting: I've been feeling more confident. It is a big big big issue for me but I've been noticing subtle changes in my thought patterns that I thank God for. The easiest way for Satan to keep me from serving God is to make me feel not worthy. Having been a nanny for two toddlers over six months now I am feeling confident that I am capable of being a parent someday. Thank you God, that's a huge relief for me! Now...when shall this happen eh???

I think my mission to Africa is starting to change my way of thinking also. Most people I talk to re traveling to Africa practically act like it's as far away as Mars, an unachievable place to go. But *I* have been there. Me! God heard the cries of my heart to serve Him and know without a shadow of a doubt that I CAN do missions, and now I have! I don't have a plan yet for another mission, but I'm keeping my eyes and ears open!