Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Christ

Lord, I want to be like Jesus,
In my heart, in my heart…Lord,
I want to be like Jesus,
In my heart.

Today I am hanging out with my two and a half year old niece Amelia. She picked up something fragile and I had to restrain myself from overreacting. I said "Please hand that to me Miss Priss." Now I have never called her Miss Priss before. She handed me the object and said to me, "Here you go Miss Priss." I laughed at her quick wit but then I began to feel kind of...panicked. I thought what would she have said back to me if I hadn't controlled myself? This reminded me that I am the closest thing she has to Jesus right now.

Everytime I see her I am reminded how incredible my Creator is. He created this amazing girl and placed her in my life to heal some deep wounds. Her wet kisses and zealous hugs rejuvenated me like few things can. And she adores me. I feel arrogant even writing that, but it's true. If I tell her something is yummy she'll eat it, if I say a toy is too noisy she thinks so too. So, the question is, what am I going to do with this opportunity?

I pray that the LORD will give me the self control I need to be as like Jesus in front of her (well, all the time would be nice..) as I possibly can. That through my influence she and her sister will learn to love Jesus as their Savior, and to live their lives consumed with love for Him-not to be like so many Christians who claim to be saved yet aren't in love with their Savior. I pray that I will follow through with my plan to use my two days a week baby sitting her and Maureen to teacher them about Jesus. After all, I will tell them the ABCs, why wouldn't I tell them about Jesus?

Oh my gosh, now she is disco-dancing to "Stayin' Alive"...

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  1. Amelia sounds like a cutie. I pray you are able to give both girls the Gospel at every oppotunity.