Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bloggin' during nap time

Today is my first day watching my sister's girls as their nanny. I have been feeling apprehensive, concerned that I wouldn't be able to keep up with them or that I'd lose my patient and yell at them, but so far so good.

After getting them both up and changing diapers, I fed Maureen(Momo) a bottle while Amelia tried to comb my hair. This hurt a great deal and Momo was fussy so I could easily could have gotten frustrated, but instead...I was able to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to them through it all. That means I was able to praise God even though things were getting hard. Small victory for some, big victory for me!

Maureen has been asleep for the last two hours, unusual apparently. I keep checking to make sure she's breathing. Amelia has been good too, except when I told her it was nap time. Then she cried and yelled at me. But once she saw her bed she started to settle down. This didn't last long though. After reading the three books required for a nap, she tried to insist on another one. Tough auntie that I am, said "Nope, I love you, sleep well!" She is currently singing to herself and thumping around her room. That's fine with her mom, so it's fine with me. But I'll tell ya, I'm in trouble if she figures out how to work the doorknob!

Thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to be with these precious girls and learn how to parent from them. After nap time and lunch, I think we'll sing "Jesus Loves Me" together!

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  1. How fun that you get to spend such quality time with your nieces. You are one cool Aunt!
    Love ya!