Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God's perspective?

I bought a Veggie Tale's book of bible stories to read with my nieces when I baby-sit them, and today was the first day I tried to read them with Amelia. She had never seen the book so she was curious and flipped from page to page, never settling on any story or page for long. She also kept asking, "What's that?" I'd tell her and she'd ask again, "What's that?" "Whose that?" It was starting to drive me a little nuts! Then it occurred to me that I do the same thing, I ask God the same questions over and over again, "Why me?" "Why not now?" "When?" "When?" "When?" Unlike me, God does not lose patience. He keeps answering over and over again. He continues to say to me, "Because I'm God" "Because I'm God" "Because I'm God."

As Amelia stopped on pages and I answered her questions, she'd start to piece together parts of the stories. She got some names of characters, "That's baby Moses" "That's King David as a little kid." Occasionally she'd ask about places in the pictures like Jericho and Bethlehem but she didn't understand the elements of the stories, the way they fit together, the way they made up a greater narrative about how much God loves His children. I'm no different. God has shown me occasional glimpses of His plans, just small bits of the total story. But I don't understand enough to fill in the gaps. That's OK though because...I know how the story ends.

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  1. I think God uses children to help us understand our relationship to HIM.