Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate politics.

No, I REALLY %$&#ing hate them. I hate how perfectly reasonable people become so stubborn and refuse to even acknowledge that the other side isn't somehow the anti-Christ. I hate how Christians often slip from being brothers and sisters in Christ to being angry supporters of a political cause or party. But the thing I hate the most is feeling like other Christians think I am some how less of a believer in Jesus if I don't feel compelled to get mad about their selected political causes. Some people even insinuate I'm not a Believer at all because I don't get angry about abortion.

I DO NOT CARE WHICH PARTY IS RIGHT, much to the chagrin of my politically liberal family and conservative friends. I don't believe I should be affiliated with any political party. My affiliation is with Christ alone. And I don't think He gives a rat's patootie about health care reform, or gun laws, or salmon fisheries, or how the US defines marriage, or global warming, or World Fill In the Blank Day. He cares about people. Are the people Christ cares about affected by these issues? Of course. But Jesus made it pretty clear that He cares more about people's eternal souls than the temporary suffering of this world. And all of that shit is temporary-thank You God!

I firmly believe that politics is a tool to divide people. And when Christians allow their politics to overshadow their faith, I believe they are playing into the hands of Satan, who uses this to drive a further wedge between people. Wedges that go a long way to prevent non-Christians from seeing the good of Christians. Because they see us as getting irate about political causes but not about them and their needs. Needs such as having someone love them, walk along side them in their struggles, and let them see how Christ helps us when we struggle. (i.e. LETTING THEM SEE HOW MUCH GOD LOVES THEM!!!)

If you've known me long then you probably know that I used to love politics. Poli Sci was my major in college for some time and countless hours were spent arguing the finer points of policy and this NGO over that NGO. But as I grow closer to God I grow to depend on Him, not some temporary political system that has always been faulty and always will be.

There will be no need for politics in heaven, and I'm looking forward to it!


  1. First you (hopefully) know that I love and respect you. I completely agree with you that there are a lot of temporary issues that people care way too much about, I'm with you on that. Abortion is not one of those issues. Jesus does care about our eternal souls and the eternal soul of every one of those babies that never had a chance. I am not trying to fight but only to say that Jesus is furious, I know He is, that babies are killed everyday, so we should be too because murder is not a temporary issue.

  2. I know abortion is a major, upsetting issue. And I certainly respect opinions that differ from mine. To be honest with you, I have spent a fair amount of time praying about this, asking God to change my heart if this is an issue I am not responding to properly. He has yet to do that. What I think and feel about abortion is between my Father and I. I feel he has given me a heart to be concerned about other issues, and that's ok, because we are a body-each part doing it's job.

    I love you too Annie. I just get frustrated by feeling like I have to keep my mouth shut about these kinds of issues with both my Christian friends and my politically liberal family. It get's lonely.