Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A love story.

Last night I went to see A Young Victoria, an independent film about Queen Victoria of England. Her life is seen as rather dull, particularly for English royalty, but the film makers did a good job of creating a compelling story about her life around the time of her coronation. Basically it is a simple, well told love story about her and her husband Albert. Not over the top or trashy, but sweet and sincere. There were definitely moments when I was a bit sad seeing their joy at my own single-hood.

But the funniest thing happened on the way home. As I was driving I felt a longing for my love, a longing for Jesus. I wanted to hurry home and read my bible, to spend time with God. It was the same emotional response as when I have a fella. I have never associated those emotions with my relationship with God and I think that's some good old fashioned growth, don't you?

Check it out. If only for the costumes!

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