Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gratefulness embellished

Feeling even more grateful today so I thought I'd make a list. In no particular order...

~ Yarn shops, like Cast Away in Santa Rosa which I feel in love with this morning.

~ Yarn shop dogs named Olive.

~ That my niece says "I chomped it!" to mean a variety of things.

~ Late Winter: when soft colors start to return and the hills here are green and the grape vines are dark brown and look amazing in the mustard fields. Makes me want to be Beatrix Potter.

~ Dance music: espcially David Crowder band. Love dancing to him in my car with my nieces, with at least one hand on the wheel.

~ Good friendsies.

~ Reading blogs by creative peeps who knit and tell me all about it. There is no end of them and I can't keep up!

~ The way jeans feel after not washing them for a week-perfect!

~ My bright pink cons that I got on clearance at Target for five bucks because I have small feet.

~ Imagining what Heaven will be like and the places I'll get to hike! Mossy, tree covered streams that smell like flowers. Can't wait.

~ Reading bible stories with my niece Amelia before she naps and telling her how much Christ loves her and then praying over her.

~ Singing worship songs with my niece Maureen before she naps and how she tries to sing along and when she hears me say the name of Jesus she shouts YE SHUSH! And how she puts her hands together in front of her huge grin when I pray for her before I put her down.

~ Sweaters.

~ Oh and.... for the Ovis aries-the common sheep! Not so common! Grateful for their wool: warm and fluffy and spun into pretty colors of rovering and yarn and pretty such things. And grateful for the shops they put the yarn in and the pretty things we can make from it. Oh, and lamb stew ain't bad either.


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