Sunday, February 15, 2009

Status update

I have a paper due tomorrow, which is the primary reason I've blogged three times today. I am nearly convinced that God wants me in seminary; why else would I freak out so much, if it wasn't important? But every single paper I have to write results in a panic attack. Well, not a full attack, I don't pass out, but my heart races, I get sweaty and I look for absolutely anything to avoid doing what I have to do. The part of the paper due tomorrow morning isn't really even hard but none-the-less, I'm panicked. There is no rational reason. I decided to take a break, after only achieving reading the assignment description through a few times. I ran to Target. Here's a list of what I bought. See is you can spot the madness.

1. cat litter (which I needed or I wasn't going to be able to go into my bathroom anymore.)

2. a new pair of slouchy comfy pj bottoms. (which I did not need, especially since I was wearing a pair of slouchy comfy pj bottoms at the time.)

3. a box of Hotpockets Pepperoni pizza (this was to be my dinner.)

4. garbage bags (nothing odd here, I did need them.)

5. a box of Weightwatchers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundaes (which is thawing as we speak, although I will eat it (read: both) frozen if the panic gets bad enough.) Note: apparently they were supposed to be frozen, they are not now. I guess the word sundae should have given me a clue.

To top it all off I ran to the Starbucks for the ultimate comfort, a gigantic mocha with whip cream, darn it! It took me a while to order though because I couldn't speak, I kept saying "I want a venti mocha cappuccino." The barista and I both just stood there looking very puzzled, because we knew there is no such thing.

The long and short of it...I need your prays. I can't stay in school if I'm gonna do this on a bi-weekly basis.

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