Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday I was hanging out with my nieces and feeling really happy and content. I thought, if God never gives me kids I'll still be happy with this. This is so good it's enough!

Today is another story. My sister, Dad, and I watched the movie Juno while Amelia was at her first day of pre-school. When she got home I was filled with such I-want-to-have-kids emotions I had trouble hiding my teary eyes. Even Amelia screaming about wanting her pink flip flops didn't touch it. Of course when she started to start screaming about not wanting to wear underwear, I'll admit the feeling slipped a little.

It's hard to wait on the Lord.

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  1. I too go back and forth with the wanting children, not wanting children. It's a big flip-flop. Lately it's more on the want side.